◆According to legend,
Aurora Greek mythology, the goddess of the dawn, the daughter of Zeus masters of the universe, in charge of the rights of dawn dawn. A chance down to earth, Aurora fell in love with mortal men Dabang. You know that can not love him, but can not let go of love, so she prayed to Father Zeus, Zeus gave her husband a request magic, so that they can stay together!

Zeus licensed Aurora's request, he put a candle to symbolize life Tabangu Aurora, and warned that she must be watered with tears every candle, candle will not go out. So Aurora hesitate to give all for the love of her tears. Her tears turned it into a beautiful crystal drops, clean and transparent crystal, crystal candlestick gradually condensed into a burning candle under. In the crystal refraction candlelight even more brilliant, bright, and they love it as it lights like hot, precious, eternal. Everybody was touched by their love, unmatched crystal chandelier is becoming attracted the attention of all ages, the pursuit of things that attracted groups of lights Carpenter imitated manufacturing.

Xingyu Dabang "Dabang Ou Code" brand, a symbol of fabulous classic beautiful love, a symbol of light and hope, precious and timeless. European culture inspired by neo-classical, Xingyu Dabang lights Carpenter who focus on the structural symmetry and proportion, in the process of integration of the Chinese crafted artistic beauty, its lighting style is extremely luxurious, classic, deeply show the new European classical culture charm.Now, "Dabang Ou Code" As the rapid development of the mythical, and will continue with its elegant design, exquisite craft exquisite, top luxury materials dedicated to the world a shining bright, hopeful world, giving a unique respect enjoy eternal cause.